Ankara’nın başkent olmasıyla modern bir proje halini alan ve başlangıcı İstanbul’un fethine dayanan batılılaşma hamleleri yol açmıştır.

Arts and Cultural Dialogue in Anatolia

Within the scope of this field of work, we organize events such as exhibitions, film screenings, performances, concerts, public talks and art workshops in Anatolian cities; and we also forge intercultural, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations in order to organize long-term culture and art projects.

We help events in the fields of film, contemporary art, performance arts, music and literature produced in Istanbul travel to Anatolian cities; and culture and art products of Anatolian cities to travel to other cities across Anatolia. In line with demands from the cities, and with priority given to participation and local collaboration, we develop projects with the aim of contributing to the revival of cultural life. In order to facilitate and support communication between artists, cultural and educational institutions, civil society institutions and local actors, we carry out cultural exchange programs that will enable the meeting and convergence of different cities. Within the scope of this objective, we support collaborative film and photography activities with young people, writing and drawing workshops with children, local civil society organizations, and collaborative projects aimed at women and young people, with the aim of bringing people from different parts of Turkey together.