Ankara’nın başkent olmasıyla modern bir proje halini alan ve başlangıcı İstanbul’un fethine dayanan batılılaşma hamleleri yol açmıştır.

Cultural Diversity and Human Rights

In our work in this field, we aim to support artistic production that departs from the cultural diversity and wealth of diverse groups that have lived for thousands of years on Anatolian soil in order to keep our cultural heritage alive and increase its visibility. Photography exhibitions that emphasize the multicultural structure of cities, performances and activities that reflect Armenian cultural heritage, screenings and debates supporting Kurdish cinema and bilingual children’s books are some of our projects in this field.

Cultural diversity and cultural rights form the focus of this field of work; nevertheless, as part of this program, we also carry out work that treats and publicizes the issue of human rights as a whole. In addition to screenings of films about human rights, exhibitions on the theme of human rights and projects on and about prisons, Anadolu Kültür also becomes the place where various rights-based initiatives blossom... The prison research projects that began at Anadolu Kültür in 2004 were transformed into a separate institution in 2006 entitled Association for Civil Society in the Penal System. In a similar process, the ‘Capacity Building for the Effective Participation of Civil Society towards the Solution Process of the Kurdish Issue’ project that begun by conferences and a web site organized for the documentation of severe human rights violations, and the sharing of international examples in the field of legal struggle and defence was transformed in November 2011 into an association named the Truth Justice and Memory Studies Center.