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Tandem Turkey 2011-2012

Tandem: Cultural Managers Exchange Program Turkey – European Union

Tandem Turkey programme began its adventure in the first months of 2011 with the primary aim to encourage long-term collaboration between cultural managers from Turkey and European Union countries. A total of 33 participants selected by an open call took part in this first round of the programme.

The program brought together 11 cities from Turkey (Antakya, Batman, Bursa, Çanakkale, Diyarbakır, Eskişehir, Istanbul, İzmir, Mardin, Mersin and Trabzon) and 12 cities from Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Crook, Dortmund, Duisburg, Krakow, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Riga, Stuttgart, Paris and Trento). A total of 33 representatives from cultural organisations met in September 2011, selected their partner organisations (with whom they would like to collaborate and develop a project) and took the first steps of their collaborations.

In order to gain knowledge about different cities and cultures, and to work together, international partners visited each other's cities and spent 10 days in the partner organisation and its city. Additionally, in joint meetings held in Istanbul and Berlin with all participants, the study visits to cities were assessed and observations were shared in the group.

Program participants visited each other over a period of two years, enriched their cultural and artistic experiences, and developed 16 process-focused projects. The participants designed the form and the content of the projects entirely with their international partner; ranging from performances to art workshops with children, from literary work to contemporary art exhibitions, were formed via collaborations between Anatolian and European cities.

At the 'Final Meeting' held at DEPO in Istanbul in November 2012, the art projects produced by all Tandem participants were exhibited as installations. In addition to the children’s workshops carried out by Tandem participants throughout November and December 2012, the videos developed and produced during Tandem also traveled to several Anatolian cities. The first round of Tandem Turkey was completed with another final and assessment meeting held in Berlin in December 2012.

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Tandem Turkey is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst e.V. (berlin) and Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and is supported by Stiftung Mercator (Germany).

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